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Wearable and Flexible Technologies World 2015 will be held on May 27-28 in Shanghai, China. With the growing popularity, wearable device market will see big gains in the coming decade. Global consumer electronics giants such as Apple, Google and Samsung are anxiously preparing themselves for this big trend. A leading research institute expected wearable electronics grows from over $14 billion in 2014 to over $70 billion in 2024. China enjoys a huge market potential, which was predicted to reach more than 1 billion yuan in 2015 and nearly 5 billion yuan in 2017.The main application would be in health and fitness. With the development of cloud computing, smart sensor, flexible electronics and all other supporting technologies, the future of wearable devices will be more powerful. Wearable and Flexible Technologies World 2014 co-organized with the 2nd annual Global Augmented Reality Summit was a huge success in the past. Under this optimistic background, DEMAND-LED is organizing 2nd Annual Wearable and Flexible Technologies World 2015 which will be held on May 27-28 in Shanghai China. The conference will focus on The latest technology and research progress on wearable and flexible technologies. We set high expectations to bring together major companies in this industry chain and most knowledgeable specialists. The big platform will discuss the latest technologies, current challenges, various applications and explain the big trend of the next decade — BYOW (Bring your own wearables).
This event, as one part of Future Life Show, is co-located with 3 other events.
•Global Smart Home Summit 2015 (May 28-29)
•3rd annual Global AR Summit 2015 (May 29)
•2nd annual China International Energy Harvesting Summit 2015 (May 27)

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Conference highlights:
•Global Market Analysis; Opportunities in China
•Latest breakthrough on wearable technologies
•Big Data & Cloud computing
•Case Studies: wearable tech gadgets like Watches, Glasses, wristband, etc.
•Battery & Power solutions
•Flexible Electronics: Flexible Display/ Flexible Circuit/ Flexible OPV& battery
•Smart materials, smart sensors, NFC, M2M application

Conference outlook:

Sponsorship & Exhibition in DL’s summit is the most valuable chance for your market spending. Tickets are sold on a first-come-first-served basis, and immediate booking is strongly recommended to make sure you’re in the Conference Hall. Don’t let your competitors get ahead you. To secure your opportunity by contact: 
Mr. Christon Yang at +86 21 5109 5709-809, email:christony@demand-led.com
Mr. Bruce Si at +86 21 5109 5709-814, email: Bruces@demand-led.com

Wearable Tech Conference & Expo
Wearable Tech Conference & Expo



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